Vipers Canoe Trip

Vipers Canoe Trip
So much more than playing and paddling

Friday, July 17, 2015

Gear?? Heck yea we want gear.

Do you like that new gear smell, mmmmmmmm me too.
Bam new gear smell all the time, well maybe.

I had to try it ;).

Now too the real gear.

Water Shoes.
I like water shoes about like I do  knife's. Don't ask why because I don't know. But I've been looking for the perfect pair. It's important while canoeing to have a good pair of shoes. You have big rocks to climb on and sometimes pea gravel to walk through. Regular sandles don't really protect your feet.

These are my current water shoes. 

On the right are the five fingers, which I love, their only downfall is the lack of support on the bottom. In soil or sand they are hands down awesome! On rocks, not so much. The rocks can poke the bottom of your feet and make hard to walk after a bit.

In the middle are the new Keens. The cool factor is really high with scout geeks and these! Who doesn't want shoes made from paracord!
On big rocks these shoes are awesome! On small rocks, they get stuck in your toes causing problems. Not so much fun then. They are pretty comfortable though. And the lacing system is very nice.

On the left is my newest additions. The Adidas boat shoe. So far I like them, they have good support and they drain well. I don't like the laces, so I'm going to put a bungee style lacing system in like the Keens. 

Anyway maybe this will help you find your perfect canoe shoe, in the mean time I'll keep looking and let you know what I find.

Week day fun

Had a couple interesting days......
One we got to go see the ArrowTour. This is a roaming tour for OA members. We drove 2.5 hours to get there, and it was kinda lame. Sorry guys, I know it was hot and hard work. There wasn't much there. 
However we did get a pic!

That night I got to sit on an eagle board of review, this was first Eagle board and was pretty cool.

Left to right:
Mr. Phil, John beech the lodge advisor for 558, Jay Collins the lodge cook and Eagle Board something or other, The New Eagle Scout, Mr. Brian Hicks Desoto Museum Mastermind, and me

About Me

Sitting around the campfire last month, my friends and I were discussing how we wished we had a camping journal. After years of scouting we have seen some awesome things, and spent more nights in the woods than we count. This will be my simple story of my outdoor adventure with friends and my scouts.