Vipers Canoe Trip

Vipers Canoe Trip
So much more than playing and paddling

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

February is DERBY time!

Every scouters has made a derby car or 7.
Tonight I got to help make a few. The race is Saturday, so no time to waste!

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Hiking and exploring

Every year we have a wilderness survival weekend for the Boy Scouts. 
It's a weekend for them to use their skills in shelter making and backpack cooking.

This year we are thinking about a nite hike along a shoreline to get to our shelter ground. The boys and I did a little exploring to see what the area looks like and it's conditions.

Here's a pretty grove of trees usually on a nice point in the water, but due to winter pool they are all alone.

And the boys, taking a break and trying to eat a snack....... Though we are only a 1/2 mile into the hike. 

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Cowboy Cooking

We'll in an effort to cook better cornbread I descided to build a cowboy cooker. 

A nice deep 6" pan will allow us to put sand in the bottom of the cooker. This should help protect the grass of high use parks.

Next I twisted up some handles. I was going to use horse shoes, but had a hard time finding some in town. So I used rail road spikes, which I really do like.

With a rack above the cooker, I hope to hang ovens from the rack on hooks. With different lengths of hooks I can adjust the distance to the fire changing the temperature.

And here we have a finished product in use!

Cornbread, beans, and pork chops and potatoes. All being cooked up.
Happy Eating. I'm sure we can feed a bunch of scouters with this!

Friday, January 9, 2015

Play Time.

Scouts at play! 

Yummy Cornbread and Socks?

When scouters get bored and hungry, they cook!

Here's a nice Mexican cornbread........ The scouts on the other hand are roasting socks.

Winter Camp - ~News Years -2014

For a rainy, cold 3days we managed to survive. Leave it up to scouters to find a nice place to hold up and tell stories. 

About Me

Sitting around the campfire last month, my friends and I were discussing how we wished we had a camping journal. After years of scouting we have seen some awesome things, and spent more nights in the woods than we count. This will be my simple story of my outdoor adventure with friends and my scouts.