Vipers Canoe Trip

Vipers Canoe Trip
So much more than playing and paddling

Thursday, June 18, 2015

The Summer Event

This year the boys scouts planned there own summer event. We didn't call it summer camp because it was so much more. This wasn't a merit badge camp. It was an adventure camp!

The adventure took us to the buffalo river area around Jasper Arkansas. For 5 days we played in the wild then went to the Jacksonville Air Force Base to end the camp.

Our tents, happen to be a lodge. A pretty dang nice lodge also.

Meals were cooked by the scouts and food was bought by the scouts.
Have you ever had your scouts buy food for 7 days? Not an easy task.

Amazing enough though, a knock on our door every morning at 7am meant it was time to get up and eat.

Rickeretts cemtary is a great place to adventure some. Plenty of room to climb and explore.

Plenty of awesome views also.

Lunch was different, PB&J tacos. Not to shabby.

You can't adventure with out a hike, and this one had a stream crossing.

And a rattlesnake!

Whats better than a friendly game after a long day.

Blanchard Springs had some great cave tours.

They also have trails, fishing, and stuff. Plan on a whole day there.

Yep moms not here to help us.

Lunches being made.

Where better to earn the canoeing merit badge, than on a river! Not a dang lake paddling in circles!

This river had awesome views also!

That's Alexander. My rookie copilot. Never been a canoe! This is also the last picture on my phone, because in a panicky moment he leaned to far over to on side and we rolled over. Part of the game I guess.
My waterproof phone bag wasn't so waterproof and spent the rest of the trip in a bag of rice.

More pics to come though as I took my sons phone from time to time!
Be looking for a review on phone bags soon also. ;) 

ScoutMaster Danny

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