Vipers Canoe Trip

Vipers Canoe Trip
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Monday, August 17, 2015

Waterproof what????

After my last canoe trip, and the swamping and flipping of my canoe..........many times. My Wally World Outdoor Brand water proof phone bag failed me allowing the buffalo river to invade my phone, I descided to "look into" different options.

Most of the waterproof bags are not waterproof like we think. Read the back panel on the package.
They are splash resistant.  That doesn't work for us outdoor folks. Who knows where our scouts will take us? Or when they will dump our canoes?

So I hit the web looking for deals and some stores looking for options.

The BG bag and the ECase came from REI. The NO Limits bag came from Academy sports.
The BG bag is your typical roll and buckle bag.
The ECase is a double zip bag.
The No Limits bag is a double zip and snap down bag.

The test consisted of my sink, spraying water all over them and then sinking them.
A folded up piece of tissue, would tell me what got wet.

The BG roll top bag, didn't survive. Well the bag did, the tissue didn't. It wasn't swamped, but it still got wet. This is a splash bag only!!
The ECase did pretty well, no water made it through the double zip. However, I don't like that it only zips close. That makes me nervous. It also has a speaker cord build in though for head phone or whatever.
The No Limits bag did well. Water made it between the  two zippers but not in the bag. Maybe I didn't have the first zipper closed well enough.

What did I learn? You can't be careful enough. I don't trust ziplock style lunch bags, though 2 together may work, double bagging it.
I will place some tissue between my device and the top of each zip top bag.
The BG bag will only be used to store something that has a ziplock bag over it. Like a first aid kit, fire kit and so forth.

The No Limits style bag is what I will use. I like that you can double zip it. This is a must! And I like that you can snap it closed to help it not un zip itself.

Whatever you choose, be careful. I think I may buy a waterproof camera and leave the iPhone in the truck!

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