Vipers Canoe Trip

Vipers Canoe Trip
So much more than playing and paddling

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

A Wilderness Survival Weekend

Our wilderness survival weekend usually has our troop out in the woods sleeping under tarps and eating backpack food, while we learn different types of survival tips and just hang out.
This year we added a night hike and slept on the beach of a local lake at winter pool.

This is our happy group of scouts!

We had to use a couple crossing tech methods bc of sinking sand. This one we just put a bunch of sticks on top of the sinking area and got across as quick as we could.

After the treck through the sinking sand and crossing the creek, we stopped for some dinner and a fire to warm our feet and drop your socks.
Mr Jerry he has a great way to teach you to keep your feet dry, he burns holes in you're socks by putting them too close to the fire!

Here's our camping spot for the first night, that's Mr Jerry and I in the hammocks, the scouts make a shelter out of plastic.

Mr Jerry weaving a seat from grass.

Scouts doing some scouting!

We all took a break to do skits in front of this great back drop.

Whoa is me! How much farther! We must have walked a mile so far!

Enjoying a nice break for this night, seems to be a great spot.

Evening campfire on the beach with the cub scouts. It was very nice!

Overall what a great weekend! We learned some lessons, got to try some new gear, we got mad, disappointed, and we helped friends in need.
We got to cook together, hang together, play fresbee together. Best of it all, we got scout together!

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