Vipers Canoe Trip

Vipers Canoe Trip
So much more than playing and paddling

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Busy busy weekend!!

First our weekend started with our pinewood derby. There was a funeral that booted us out of the gym, so we had to make due in a large room.
I will say, it was a great derby, excellent sportsmanship shown all around. Afterwards we had a potluck lunch for our blue and gold.

47 racers isn't too shabby, the race went really well. It lasted for around 2 hours.

Plenty of trophies are given out.
1st -3rd overall.
1st in each den.
1st in Outlaws.
1st-3rd Siblings.
Best paint.
Scouts choice.
Slowest car.

I even ran the race this year, the car was fast! It almost came off the track it's first run, which knocked me down to 3rd place.  I pretty fired up for next year though!! Better look out!

Not to shabby for starting my car 2 days before the race. 

After the race I headed to my troop at Winterfest. It's held in army barracks and is a lot of fun.

That evening I got to help run the blast car race. This was my first time with blast cars. They were pretty awesome. They make a good sound and run pretty fast.

Then during an OA call out that had 100 new members, I received my wood badge beads.

Overall it's been a very busy week!

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